Jewelry Services

Merkley Kendrick has been focusing on superior customer service since 1832.

From the moment you call our store or walk through our doors on Chenoweth Lane, you have direct access to our team of experts. We strive to make the Merkley Kendrick experience one of a kind - you’ll find that you are in good hands here.

Second-Oldest Jewelry Store in the United States

There is a reason we are the second-oldest independently owned jewelry store in the United States; it’s because we believe in quality products and quality service. We understand you have many choices when it comes to a jewelry purchase, which is why we do not consider shopping with Merkley Kendrick a transaction; we believe it to be an experience. We take pride in getting to know our clients, to guide and educate about fine jewelry, to and help celebrate the milestones life has to offer. We thank you for choosing to work with Merkley Kendrick Jewelers.

Insurance & Appraisals

Merkley Kendrick Jewelers has been helping to assign market values to fine jewelry and timepieces for over 100 years. Our thorough appraisal process has been highly rated in the market and trusted by many in the Louisville area and beyond.

Our appraisal process begins with a detailed take in procedure where we document the specifics and the estimated value for all pieces included in the request. If the diamonds do not have a serial number established, our team will fingerprint the larger stones so our clients can rest easy that their diamond will be the same stone returned upon pick-up. The fingerprint documentation will remain on file with Merkley Kendrick for future work, emergencies, or a need for immediate verification.

Once the appraisal is complete, we will walk our client through the details of the assessment and then provide written documentation for their records.

The length of time for an appraisal will vary based on the pieces involved in the project and the intricacy of the stones. We will be able to provide you with an estimate once we discuss the project.

Our gemologists are GIA Certified Gemologists, Certified Gemologist Appraiser, and Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Institute Certified Insurance Appraiser. In addition to these certifications and north of 30 years of appraisal experience, our team is prepared to help you with your appraisal needs.

Drop by the store or schedule an appointment today!

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry and timepieces are to be worn and enjoyed! In the event a piece of jewelry is damaged or in need of repair, we encourage you to bring your pieces to our team of experts. Try to collect all parts that may have fallen off, as they may be able to be utilized in the repair effort. We always encourage you to bring in your fine jewelry for a yearly examination; while we cannot predict damage, we can try our best to prevent a lost stone or loose prongs. Call or stop in today.

Jewelry Cleaning

Life can be messy, but your fine jewelry is meant to stay clean. Allow our team to guide you with best practices for cleaning your collection or, better yet, stop in, and we’ll handle the cleaning for you.