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An 18 Karat White Gold and Diamond Cluster Slide

American jewelry manufacturer Jabel has been crafting incredible quality jewelry since 1916. Primarily know for their die-struck pieces, which is a very old and expensive method of jewelry manufacturing, involving a large hammer-like contraption that expels fifty tons of force to "pound" gold or platinum ingots into a steel die, or mold, containing the shape of the jewelry pieces to be assembled. What is left is a very crisp, detailed and incredibly dense component that will potentially last lifetimes when compared to modern cast jewelry. This slide piece has been made to their exacting standards and features seven full cut diamonds, weighing a total of 1.30 carats, expertly set by their master jewelers into an almost seamless pattern of brilliance, fire and sparkle.


SKU: 001-170-00403

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18K Gold

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