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A 14 Karat Yellow Gold and Fantasy Cut Amethyst Ring

Gemstone cutting is a skilled craft that takes years to master even the most basic forms. When that skill is applied artistically, the possibilities are endless. This amethyst, the purple variety of quartz, has been rendered into what we refer to as a Fantasy Cut. Measuring 16.00 mm in diameter, the top of the stone features a very basic cutting style of a large table and elongated bezel facets but the underside, or pavilion, has been cut with a scooped recess in the very center. When looking down on the stone from the top, your eyes are greeted with a series of reflections that mimic the iris and pupil of a human eyeball, Fully enclosed and protected in a bezel setting, this ring is a bold, chunky look that will be sure to catch the attention and curiosity of those who notice it.

14Y 16mm round amethyst heavy bezel set ring


SKU: 001-200-00654

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14K Gold

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