Let’s Celebrate…Everyday ?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but what’s keeping us from celebrating daily?

If you know us, you know we are ALL about celebrating every day with those you love. It’s something our team commits to doing every year both, personally and professionally. Having the opportunity to serve a role in helping our clients, commemorate the special moments in life brings incredible joy. These moments have a way of renewing our faith in love, friendship, and partnership. We love learning about unique family traditions that have held steady throughout the generations. So…celebrate you, your spouse, your children, a friend, a loved one, your dog, just celebrate.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, celebrate it!

As a general population, we are great at celebrating milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, and job promotions, but what about the smaller, day to day victories? Meeting a personal goal, or your child achieving a high score on a test or acknowledging the simple fact we made it to Friday after a long week. It’s not a secret that life comes at us fast, case in point, January 2020 has already come and gone. So what did you celebrate? Did you know studies show individuals who take time to enjoy everyday moments tend to be happier AND more productive? So please don’t waste another second, let’s start opening our eyes to all of the great things we’re accomplishing each day.

That’s great, but how do we celebrate?

While we all love giving and receiving a great gift (ahem…in a Merkley Kendrick Jewelers box), let’s keep in mind that not all celebrations need to be grand. Don’t forget the impact of a handwritten note, a verbal acknowledgment of a job well done, or a perfectly timed high-five – these gestures are gifts, and often treasured memories for the person on the receiving end. Our wish for you is simple. Do not allow hectic schedules to keep you from celebrating all the things, big and small, this year. We are confident you’ll know how to celebrate the moment!

So if you’re still thinking about Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas:

Below are a few of our favorite gift ideas, and whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or treating yourself to a gift of well deserved R&R, we hope it’s a great day. However, more importantly, we hope this kicks off a year full of smiles and celebrations. We strongly believe from the boardroom to your living room, celebrating the small stuff will bring you a new sense of fulfillment, and quite possibly a higher level of productivity. Learn more from this article from Inc. Magazine

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