Gentleman’s Guide to
buying an engagement ring

So you’ve decided to purchase an engagement ring for that special woman. Congratulations! Compared to finding the love of a lifetime, finding the right engagement ring is a piece of cake.

With that said, most men approach making that memorable purchase with a combination of fear and confusion. What if you pick the wrong ring? You may only have one chance to do this right. It can be a lot of pressure, and many men worry they don’t know enough about it to make the best decision.

Most men haven’t given a lot of thought to how to select a diamond engagement ring until it’s suddenly a very important question. Our typical male engagement ring shopper can often describe in detail all the features and options for his dream sports car, but has no idea how to choose an engagement ring for his fiance. But just like every detail on that dream car matters to you, every detail matters on the ring that your bride-to-be has been waiting for her whole life.

We recommend that you come by Merkley Kendrick Jewelers and schedule a private engagement ring consultation.

Our expert jewelers can help you learn everything you need to know about diamond engagement rings, from the 4 Cs to Diamond Shapes available to proper Diamond Care.

However, there is a little “homework” you can do on your own before you come in. Following these tips beforehand will help us guide you in the right direction for your special bride-to-be.

1. Is she dropping hints?

She may have been dropping hints, either subtly (Commenting on a ring on the cover of a magazine in the grocery checkout) or more obviously (Tucking cut out pictures of rings from bridal magazines under your pillow).

2. What does she wear now?

Take time to notice the other jewelry she wears. Which pieces does she wear most often? Which pieces never seem to leave her jewelry box or vanity? Guys, take notes. This can tell you what kind of jewelry she feels most comfortable wearing. From sleek contemporary styles to ornate vintage pieces, there are as many different styles of engagement rings as there are women.

3. Keep her everyday life in mind.

It’s easy to get caught up imagining the big day when you slip that ring on her finger, but remember; a wedding set is meant to be worn every day. Does her work make a big setting impractical? Think about the possibility of a more recessed setting. The last thing you want is to buy a ring she has to take off constantly.

4. Do some recon to find out the basics.

What’s her ring size, for starters? Asking a girlfriend or relative can be a low-profile way to get this information. What kind of metal does she prefer? Some women love traditional yellow gold, but others prefer white gold, rose gold, platinum, or even titanium! What kind of shape or setting? A good way to get her opinion on this is to take her to a jewelry store so you can “look at watches” and cruise by the engagement ring counter on your way.

You’ve already done the hard part: finding the woman of your dreams. Let Merkley Kendrick take the pressure out of finding her the ring of her dreams. Schedule a private engagement ring consultation today!

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